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The Woman behind Marie's Crafting

The blog is officially open and I cannot wait to share with you all a little more about myself! I will not make any promises regarding how often I will post on this blog for many reasons, but mostly because I am very busy and I don’t want to post anything that will not be good enough for you guys.

Why am I so busy? Well, I guess if you’re here, then you already know I am the owner of a small bookish shop, but I am also a full-time student at HEC Montréal, a business school, and also a wannabe writer. I always have a million projects at the same time which means I rarely finish one. But I’m working on that.

This blog will be a window into my life and will allow me to share with all of you my passions and my projects! Of course, I love to read (I mean… It would be weird if I wasn’t), but I really don’t read as much as I want or should. My reading goal for this year was 30 books and I am ridiculously behind schedule… I am planning to post on this goal and try to achieve it by the end of the year, so wish me luck!

I’m also very passionate about music and my creativity is intertwined with it. I need music as much as I need air and live concerts are the best thing ever. I am sure some of you can relate. Some of my favourite bands are Bring Me The Horizon, Asking Alexandria, Bad Omens, and Starset.

I would also like to share on this blog anything related to writing, journaling, travelling and owning a small business. If you follow me on social media, you might also know I play Donjons & Dragons with my friends and I have created a journal for my character that I also use as a practice journal for some writing exercises!

Please, let me know if any of those subjects are appealing to you so I can write about things you are interested in. Also, if you have any questions about me, feel free to ask! I might try to make a Q & A post as well!

See you soon for another post on the blog,


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