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About Me

I have decided to create my little bookish shop to pursue a dream I had for a long time: have my own little shop! I had been creating bookmarks for my friends and family long before that, but after a time, I had decided to push this hobby at another level. I took all of my courage and dived into this amazing adventure!


As you probably already guessed, my name is Marie. I am a student at HEC Montreal and being able to study and manage my shop is not always easy, but always motivating. Obviously, I am also a big reader! My favorites authors are C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, and Pierre Bottero. Besides, you will find in my shop product related to those fandoms since they inspire me every single day.


About The Products

Every bookmark is handmade, which makes it completely unique and explains the difference between the pictures of the product and the bookmark you will receive. Furthermore, each item is in limited quantity and I will not make the exact same design more than once, so don’t wait too much before ordering your favorites!


The environment is also very important to me and I am trying my best to make my business as much eco-friendly as possible. I reduce wastes and of course never use plastic. This is one of the reasons why my bookmarks are not laminated, but I assure you the paper his thick and resistant enough on his own.


If you have ideas for new products or fandoms you would like to see in my shop, feel free to contact me!


About The Shop

It has been more than three years now that I have started this business and I am really proud of it. This shop is now part of my life every single day and I couldn’t be happier. I put all my heart and passion into it, and I hope you can see it in my products. It might be a small business, but I work very hard (sometimes, even with my mom) to make it grow and to offer high-quality products at a low cost. I hope you will find here the perfect bookmark for your readings!


Find Us At Your Local Bookstore

We are very proud to inform you that you can now find our bookmarks in several independent bookstores in Quebec!

Here are the bookstores where you can buy our products:

- Librairie Martin (Laval & Joliette)

- Librairie Carcajou (Rosemere)

- Librairie Lulu (Mascouche)

- Librairie Marcel Wilkie (Sorel-Tracy)

- Librairie Galerie Du Livre (Val-D'or)

- Librairie L'Écuyer (Thetford Mines)


We are currently working to expand this list. If you want to find our bookmarks in your local bookstore, don't hesitate to talk to your bookseller!

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